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Introducing’s Internal Developer Portal

Introducing’s Internal Developer Portal takes a significant leap towards its new vision as an Internal Developer Portal, launching a standalone product while maintaining its SRE-focused offerings for current customers, and introducing a more flexible and comprehensive "Software Catalog."

Main Features

  • New Product Focus - Internal Developer Portal: This release marks the first step in's transformation into an internal developer portal, aimed at providing a centralised platform for software development and management. Learn more about the new focus of the product in Introducing’s Internal Developer Portal
  • Standalone Product Offering: Alongside the existing SRE-focused product, we're introducing this new platform as a separate offering, ensuring that current customers retain access to essential features while we progressively integrate all functionalities from the previous version.
  • Continued Support for SLO Features in Existing Product: all SLO-related features, including the Business Map, Reliability Insights, and the SLO Workbench, will continue to be maintained in the existing SRE-focused product. This approach ensures there is no disruption in our customers' workflows. As our new internal developer portal platform evolves, we will migrate these features, allowing for a seamless transition to the enriched capabilities of the new product.
  • Enhanced Scope with Software Catalog: The transition from the "Product Catalog" to the "Software Catalog" reflects our commitment to a more agnostic and versatile cataloging experience.
  • The new Catalog is designed to be more inclusive and versatile, effectively capturing not only services but also infrastructure-related entities, environments, and other crucial aspects of modern tech stacks.
  • Configurable and Agnostic Software Catalog: This initial release features a fixed software catalog with three entity types: services, systems, and domains.
  • Users can navigate through these entities via sidebar entries and can create, view, and edit entities using either a field view or a code view.

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