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Enhanced Automation and UX in Webapp

Enhanced Automation and UX in Webapp
This release optimizes query webapp user experience, and significantly speeds up automation processes.

New Features:

  • Improved Query Caching: Enhanced caching mechanisms for queries within the web app to ensure faster data retrieval and reduced server load.
  • Drilldown UX Improvements: Updated the user experience in drilldown interactions by removing unnecessary redirects, offering a smoother and more integrated navigation flow.
  • Bulk Triggering for Automations: New capability to trigger automations in bulk when relevant updates occur, streamlining operations and enhancing response times.


  • Increased Automation Performance: Automations are now triggered significantly faster, improving overall system responsiveness and performance.

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements:

  • GCP Plugin Input Fix: Corrected input handling issues in the GCP plugin creation process, ensuring improved handling of GCP's access key JSON payload.
  • Automation Rule Creation Fix: Resolved issues in the automation rule creation interface, that lead to faulty edition of rules.

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