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Scorecard Leaderboards & Pagerduty Integration

Scorecard Leaderboards & Pagerduty Integration

New Features:

  • Scorecard Enhancements:
    • Introduced a comprehensive Overview Page and Leaderboards for scorecards, alongside a user-friendly creation UI, offering a clearer and more engaging way to track and display performance metrics.
  • PagerDuty Plugin: Integrated PagerDuty into the platform, enabling better incident response and alert management directly through


  • Sidebar Layout Redesign: A new layout for the sidebar improves navigation and accessibility throughout the app.
  • Manual Control Over Blueprint Visibility: Users can now show or hide blueprints from the builder manually, providing a better understading over their data-model.
  • Property icons: You can now associate properties with icons to improve the aesthetics and comprehensiveness of your entity-details page.
  • Data Types Display Improvements
    • Enhanced support for arrays of URLs and complex texts (JSON, YAML, markdown) with updated components that include empty states and previews on hover.
    • Added specific components for displaying arrays and simple objects.
  • Improved Notification Toasts: Improved the error feedback on notification toasts, ensuring clearer communication and quicker resolution of issues encountered by users.

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements:

N/A for this release.

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