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Custom Dashboards and Webhook Self-service Actions

Custom Dashboards and Webhook Self-service Actions
This release brings advanced customization for dashboards, self-service capabilities for developers, and integrates the SonarQube plugin, alongside notable onboarding and data model enhancements.

New Features

  • Custom Dashboards - Second Delivery:
    • Introducing custom dashboard tabs that allow you to bring further customization to your entity details page.
    • In them you can leverage three types of widgets to manipulate your information display: tables, fields and property values.
  • Developer Self-Service:
    • Allowing developers to execute webhook calls directly, fostering a more autonomous environment. Currently behind a feature flag only enabled for our beta testers.
  • SonarQube Plugin Integration:
    • Seamlessly incorporate SonarQube into your ecosystem with our new plugin, enhancing code quality and security analysis capabilities directly within


  • Onboarding Journey Enhancements:
    • To simplify the onboarding process, we've added default entities with predefined properties and a markdown file containing's getting started guide.
  • Default Data Model Enhancements:
    • Updates to the default data model are now reflected upon organization signup, ensuring a streamlined initial setup for new users.

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements:

  • Resolved issues with documentation links and introduced additional links for a more comprehensive support journey.
  • Enhanced the display of markdown and Swagger content for better readability and user interaction.
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