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Revamped Plugin Integration Framework

November 8, 2023
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Revamped Plugin Integration Framework
Introducing blueprint-based plugins that enhance the software catalog's ability to aggregate and correlate data across diverse dev-tools, starting with a comprehensive GitHub integration.

Main Features

  • Revamped Plugin Integration System: This release marks a significant rebranding of how handles plugin integrations. The new system leverages blueprints to extend an organization's data model, accommodating entities fetched from various plugin integrations.
  • Enhanced Data Aggregation and Correlation: The blueprint-based approach allows for a more sophisticated aggregation of information from different development tools. This enables to serve as a central hub for collating and correlating data across an organization's tech stack, providing a holistic view of the software development lifecycle.
  • Blueprint-based Integration with GitHub: As a part of this update, we're introducing a robust integration with GitHub. This integration utilizes blueprints to model and ingest data related to GitHub repositories, issues, pull requests, workflows, and workflow runs.

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