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Introducing Blueprints

October 18, 2023
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Introducing Blueprints
Introducing the notion of Blueprints and Rely’s default data model made of Domains, Systems and Services.

Main Features

  • Introduction of Blueprints: A new feature that acts as the backbone for entities in the Software Catalog. Blueprints serve as templates, or schematics, defining the properties and data types of each entity.
  • OOTB Blueprints - Domains, Systems, Services: The initial launch includes three pre-defined blueprints: Domains, Systems, and Services. These blueprints provide a foundational structure for the respective entities in the software catalog.
  • Editable Blueprints with Code View: Users can access and modify these blueprints directly through their code views. This feature allows for customization of the entity structure, tailoring it to specific organizational needs.
  • Dynamic Adjustment of Entities: Alterations made to a blueprint are automatically reflected in the entities that were created based on that blueprint. This dynamic relationship ensures consistency and coherence across the software catalog.
  • Blueprint Relations and Dependencies: Blueprints can be interrelated, implying dependencies or associations between different entities. These relationships can represent various organizational or structural connections, making the software catalog a more accurate representation of the actual tech ecosystem.

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