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Live Telemetry Discovery in the SLO wizard

Live Telemetry Discovery in the SLO wizard
We are excited to announce the launch of our live telemetry discovery process providing instant access to telemetry data after a plugin has been added

New Features

Live Telemetry Discovery Process - this upgrade marks a significant step in our platform's evolution. Key benefits include:

  • Instant Wizard Usage: No more waiting around for auto discovery processes!
  • Reduced Third Party Calls: You no longer need to worry about hitting quota limits on API calls to your integrations!
  • Decreased Storage Usage: Our new approach eliminates unnecessary data storage, significantly reducing our storage size!


  • Data Sources Integration pop-up: We have updated the pop-up message for when data sources are integrated, providing more accurate and timely information.
  • User Action counter badges on UJ side-panel: You can easily see the number of user actions involved in a user-journey at a glance.
  • Clicking a dot in the health quadrant of the product catalog overview tab now filters its leader-board: Making it easier to drill down and explore specific data subsets.

Bug Fixes

  • SLO Deletion Catalog Status: We've fixed an issue where deleting an SLO did not correctly update the product-catalog in some scenarios.
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