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ArgoCD and Kubenertes Plugins, Revamped Entity Page tab and Rich text data-types (e.g. Markdown, YAML, JSON)

February 20, 2024
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ArgoCD and Kubenertes Plugins, Revamped Entity Page tab and Rich text data-types (e.g. Markdown, YAML, JSON)
ArgoCD and Kubernetes plugins for enhanced DevOps integration, a revamped entity page for improved navigation and information display, along with the addition of rich text data types like Markdown, YAML, and JSON for expanded documentation capabilities.

New Features

New Plugins:

  • ArgoCD Plugin: Seamlessly integrate ArgoCD with, centralizing deployment data and enhancing DevOps processes for more efficient monitoring and management. Learn more in our documentation.
  • Kubernetes Plugin: Enhance your experience with comprehensive Kubernetes cluster data integration. This plugin facilitates the aggregation of Kubernetes resource information, streamlining container orchestration and management insights. Learn more in our documentation.

Rich Text Data Types:

  • New Data Types: We've expanded your catalog's versatility with the introduction of rich text data types including JSON, Swagger, YAML, iFrame, and Markdown. These additions cater to a wide range of documentation and configuration needs, ensuring your catalog accommodates all necessary information formats.

Software Catalog Enhancements:

We've revamped the entity page layout and functionality for an improved user experience, moving beyond the basic three-tab structure of "Overview," "Related Entities," and "Code." The new enhancements include:

  • Customizable Overview Tab: Tailor your overview tab by filtering in or out metadata, properties, and relations. This feature allows for a personalized view, focusing on the information most relevant to you.
  • Custom Tabs for Rich Text Properties: Introduce custom tabs dedicated to displaying rich text types such as Markdown, JSON, YAML, Swagger, and iFrame. This enhancement simplifies access to essential information, like showcasing a service's README or an infrastructure's as-code definition within its dedicated tab. Tab management is currently available on a per-entity basis, providing targeted customization.
  • Enhanced Related Entities View: We've replaced the old "Related Entities" tab, which grouped entities in a single table, with a more intuitive display within the overview tab. Now, each type of relation has its own table, reducing cognitive load and streamlining access to related entity information.
  • Related Entities as a Graph: In addition to table improvements, related entities can now be visualized using our graph component. This provides a dynamic and graphical representation of connections, offering an alternative to traditional table views for a more immediate understanding of entity relationships.


  • Adjusted landing tables to better fit screen space, ensuring a more coherent visual presentation.
  • Standardized row sizes across tables for consistent display and readability.

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