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AWS Plugin and new Default Data Model

December 21, 2023
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AWS Plugin and new Default Data Model advances its integration capabilities with AWS, enriches its default data model, and introduces Intercom support for improved user interaction and feedback.

Main Features

  • AWS Plugin Integration: A pivotal addition, enabling automatic data ingestion from key AWS services such as S3, Lambda, EC2, EKS, and RDS. This integration streamlines the process of importing cloud resource data into the software catalog.
  • Learn more about this feature here:
  • Revamped Default Data Model: The extension of the default data model now includes vital elements like endpoints, user journeys, running services, and environments. This enhancement allows for a more comprehensive representation and management of software ecosystems.
  • Added Intercom Support to Our Platform: Implementing Intercom, enables direct, in-product communication with its support team. This feature aims to bring the team closer to users, easing the process of providing feedback and seeking assistance.

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