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An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
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Loved by high performing engineering teams is highly valued by all teams within the engineering organization, particularly by platform engineers, SREs, DevOps, product engineers and engineering leaders.
When you are running a growing number of projects at a time, as we do, it is always striking how much time and effort are spent on keeping track of things. Who owns what, or what has been deployed where? Rely's internal developer portal allows you to safely empower developers while keeping all stakeholders up to date at any given time.
Bruno Mota
CEO, Devoteam Portugal
In a world where we are moving from full (unstructured) flexibility to opinionated (expert) approaches, Rely nailed it on the Internal Developer Portal category.Its no-code approach helps customers focus on their core business without distractions and without losing capacity for innovation.
Pedro Torres
Senior Director of Engineering, Salsify
I reached out to Rely to help support our internal SLO rollout but was impressed with their vision and integrations to help build a service catalog. Having explored this space before when helping build engineering teams at two previous scale-ups, Rely’s approach is quite unique and well suited to ensure service ownership while being flexible to adapt to heterogeneous environments.
Tiago Sousa
Head of Engineering, Amplemarket
Over the past year, I've been exploring the tools offered by It's an intuitive solution crafted specifically for addressing reliability monitoring, emphasizing simplicity at its core. This platform significantly aids companies in seamlessly streamlining their processes. Its user-friendly interface makes it remarkably simple to use, especially considering the critical importance of reliability for any company.
Ricardo Felgueiras
Head of Engineering, Rows
Big fan of and how easy they make setting up an internal developer portal easy for B2B SaaS companies
Andy M.
Co-Founder, Jimo
We had long delayed building a developer portal with our team (never actually felt we were big enough to justify the engineering effort). With we could get our software catalog fully mapped with all our assets (services, cloud resources, repos, deployments, etc) in minutes just by adding the AWS and Github integrations.
Wojtek Kuberski
Co-founder & CTO, NannyML
Our blog

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