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Sidebar Redesign, Grafana Cloud Plugin and Time-series Data-type

February 12, 2024
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Sidebar Redesign, Grafana Cloud Plugin and Time-series Data-type
We've released an improved sidebar for easier navigation and introduced support for advanced data query functionalities.

Main features

  • Sidebar Redesign: Updated the sidebar allowing you to pin and hide blueprints from the side-bar as well as fully redesigning it
  • Grafana Plugin: You can now integrate Rely with your Grafana Cloud Plugin. Unlike other integrations this one does not expand your Data Model, instead it enables support for observability related data-types.
  • TimeSeries and TimeSeries Value new property Types: We added support for 2 new property data types which enable you to specify queries to your grafana cloud instance, allowing you to access observability related data across the software catalog. You can create two types of queries, one to return a full time-series or one to return a single value. Both have different display methods.


  • Updated the code editor theme for a better coding environment.
  • Improved the color accessibility in the dropdown menus.
  • Turned the overview tab in the entities page into a double column tableto improve property display

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where entity icons were not properly displayed.
  • Addressed a problem that prevented the creation of properties of certain data types.
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