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Complete Revamp of the SLO Insights

Complete Revamp of the SLO Insights
We've completly revamped our SLO insights page providing users with more insightful and actionable data.

New Features

  • SLO insights Revamp: We've revamped our SLO insights for a more streamlined and intuitive user experience. We now present the SLO formula in a much more intuitive way, we added header cards that reference the success rate and the amount of errors thrown. Although the burn rate chart is not available yet, rest assured it's on its way.
  • Metric Copying Wizard: Our new feature enables you to copy metrics with ease in the SLO creation and editing process, complying with our new model.
  • Universal Time Picker: To make your experience more cohesive, we've introduced a universal time picker across the application.


  • Standardized No-Data States: We've standardized the display for 'no data' states across the application for when raw metrics are empty, instead of defaulting to “healthy” states.

Bug Fixes

  • Modal Closure Issue: Fixed a bug that was preventing the warning modal from closing during deletion.
  • Health Display Delay: Fixed an issue where the health display was lagging, ensuring you get real-time information.

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