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Enhanced Automation for Service and Resource Population and several UI Improvements

January 24, 2024
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Enhanced Automation for Service and Resource Population and several UI Improvements enhances automated generation of services and resources alongside major UI improvements, elevating the overall software catalog management.

Main features

  • Newly integrated feature where the first discovery run of GitHub and Gitlab plugins automatically creates "service" entities from discovered repos, linking them accordingly.
  • This functionality also applies to "resource" entities based on assets found in AWS and Google Cloud.


  • Automatic ID generation when creating new relations or properties, similarly to how it already occurred for blueprint and entity creation.
  • The Model builder now displays the title of a relation instead of its id for clearer understanding.
  • Enabled submitting messages with Enter (instead of Ctrl + Enter) in the AI Assistant, for quicker, more fluid, interactions.
  • Significant style changes in our table component which influenced a variety of pages, enhancing the visual appeal and user interface of the platform in general.
  • Icons are now displayed alongside titles instead of on their own columns, streamlining table views for better readability and aesthetics
  • Implemented parameterised filtering, grouping sorting to ease navigation through different parts of the app and context sharing via URLs.

Bug fixes

  • Enhanced the entity selection experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Fixed display issues regarding duplicated entity property titles.

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