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Developer experience

done right

Developer experience done right

Rely's internal developer portal is the easiest way to promote standards, developer autonomy and visibility across your software delivery lifecycle.
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Trusted by fast-growing engineering teams

An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
An illustration of an explorer using binoculars
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A single point of truth for your software ecosystem

Complete visibility of your software delivery cycle
Discover and centralise all the relevant information about your services and resources, organized in service and team homepages.
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Measure what matters
From productivity and performance, to cost and reliability you can ensure you have the complete picture in order to move fast and with complete confidence.
Define, promote and track engineering standards
Engineering leaders define and track standards and KPIs for quality, production readiness, productivity, and more.
Speed up path to production with developer self-service
From productivity and performance, to cost and reliability you can ensure you have the complete picture in order to move fast and with complete confidence.
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A developer portal that's ready in minutes, not months

Step 1
Easily integrate and sync all your data sources
Step 3
A live software catalog for a unified Developer Experience
Step 2
Discover and map your software ecosystem
Step 4
Your ultimate dev hub: day-to-day routine in one place
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Rely helps software companies with distributed architectures efficiently deliver high quality software at scale integrates with all your critical tools to serve as a live knowledge base for your entire engineering organization to understand, operate, and build new software.
Software catalog
All the relevant information you need to manage your software at your fingertips
Rely's integrations gather data from various sources like K8s, Terraform, CI/CD, environments, services, and dependencies. This information is then presented in the software catalog, making it easily accessible and providing context. It also centralizes live data on ownership, documentation, deployments, on-call schedules, SLOs, and operational maturity, ensuring everything is always up-to-date.
Data model
The ONLY software catalog with an out-of-the-box data model that you can fully customise and extend
Having a central team to define the software catalog's data model, helps all engineering teams to understand and represent the assets in their software ecosystem. Our platform offers a pre-made data model based on broad research, adaptable to most company needs. Yet, it's customizable for unique organizational requirements, supporting specific cases and preferences.
AI Assistant
Train your own AI on your engineering knowledge base
Your valuable information scattered across various platforms like cloud providers, observability tools, and git repositories often poses a time-consuming and frustrating challenge to access.'s AI Assistant, trained on your company's data, offers swift access to the knowledge they need to work faster and think bigger than ever before.

We prioritise security by encrypting all data in transit with TLS 1.2+ and using top-tier AES 256 encryption for user data on our servers and our team is actively working towards achieving SOC 2 compliance.
AI Assistant
One place to answer all questions and search across every tool in your engineering stack WITHOUT a query language
From Git to AWS, from Datadog to PagerDuty, from Confluence to Kubecost, Rely’s AI Assistant searches all your engineering's knowledge base within seconds. Simply ask for any information in your own words, and let Rely’s AI Assistant make you 10x more productive.

Consolidate all the information you need about your K8s, CI/CD, environments, services and more, in context.

Soon, you will even be able to interact with your developer portal through Slack by tagging your AI Assistant.
Set best practices , promote their adoption across all your teams and track your progress
Drive best practices across your organisation by creating scorecards and leaderboards that gamify the adoption of standards like production readiness, DORA metrics, operational maturity and observability coverage.

With Rely's seamless integration into your engineering stack, you can view the maturity of each service and team against set standards, to avoid the hassle of manually checking multiple tools.
Service reliability management
Quantify, monitor and alert on the quality and reliability of your products and services
Streamline your SLO adoption journey by leveraging automated recommendations specific to each service. With our SLI templates, you establish a standardised method to quantify, monitor, and alert on quality and reliability across different services and teams.
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An experience unlike
anything you've seen before

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Ship faster
Increase deployment frequency by up to 400%
Created for modern engineering teams
Improve developer experience and engineering efficiency
Simple answers to complex questions
Train the Rely AI assistant using your own data.
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See for yourself!

Find out how’s Internal Developer Portal can elevate your developer experience and streamline development and operational workflows by playing with the clickable demo below.
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Loved by high performing engineering teams is highly valued by all teams within the engineering organization, particularly by platform engineers, SREs, DevOps, product engineers and engineering leaders.
When you are running a growing number of projects at a time, as we do, it is always striking how much time and effort are spent on keeping track of things. Who owns what, or what has been deployed where? Rely's internal developer portal allows you to safely empower developers while keeping all stakeholders up to date at any given time.
Bruno Mota
CEO, Devoteam Portugal
In a world where we are moving from full (unstructured) flexibility to opinionated (expert) approaches, Rely nailed it on the Internal Developer Portal category.Its no-code approach helps customers focus on their core business without distractions and without losing capacity for innovation.
Pedro Torres
Senior Director of Engineering, Salsify
I reached out to Rely to help support our internal SLO rollout but was impressed with their vision and integrations to help build a service catalog. Having explored this space before when helping build engineering teams at two previous scale-ups, Rely’s approach is quite unique and well suited to ensure service ownership while being flexible to adapt to heterogeneous environments.
Tiago Sousa
Head of Engineering, Amplemarket
Over the past year, I've been exploring the tools offered by It's an intuitive solution crafted specifically for addressing reliability monitoring, emphasizing simplicity at its core. This platform significantly aids companies in seamlessly streamlining their processes. Its user-friendly interface makes it remarkably simple to use, especially considering the critical importance of reliability for any company.
Ricardo Felgueiras
Head of Engineering, Rows
Big fan of and how easy they make setting up an internal developer portal easy for B2B SaaS companies
Andy M.
Co-Founder, Jimo
We had long delayed building a developer portal with our team (never actually felt we were big enough to justify the engineering effort). With we could get our software catalog fully mapped with all our assets (services, cloud resources, repos, deployments, etc) in minutes just by adding the AWS and Github integrations.
Wojtek Kuberski
Co-founder & CTO, NannyML
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Integrate with all the tools you already know and love is the central hub where all the different parts of softwares are managed together. It integrates with tools to give smart insights, and teams can see everything in one place which helps them understand and manage their software better.
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Getting data into the software catalog

We pull data from your integrations so you can see everything across all your tools in one place, all automatically.
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Service catalogs
If you use a service catalog like OpsLevel, Cortex or Backstage, we can sync that data into our catalog too, helping benefit from the investment you’ve already made in those tools.
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Custom sources
With our public API you can push custom data into from your CI pipelines or your internal services and applications. Read more about it in our documentation.
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Jumpstart your journey towards engineering excellence

Leverage the expertise of our platform engineering architects to help you all the way throughout your platform engineering and developer experience journey.