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Improved Entity Management, Performance Enhancements and basic Sidebar Customisation

January 19, 2024
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Improved Entity Management, Performance Enhancements and basic Sidebar Customisation
Enhancing user experience with streamlined entity relation views, sidebar blueprint control, new data types, and numerous quality-of-life improvements.

Main Improvements

Enhanced Entity Table Listing:

  • View relationships and reference properties directly in the entity table listing, providing a more comprehensive overview without the need for additional clicks. 😎

Sidebar Blueprint Control:

  • Display blueprints in the sidebar based on the 'showInSidebar' flag, allowing users to customize what appears in the sidebar with this simple attribute. 🧠

New Data Type - URL:

  • Added URL as a new data type, improving the handling and display of linkable resources. πŸ”—

UI Editing of Blueprint Icons:

  • Users can now edit blueprint icons directly in the UI, not just in the code, making icon customization more accessible. ✏️

Enhanced Handling for Object Types:

  • Introduced a new overlay and handling mechanics for object types to improve user interaction. πŸ’―

Expanded Icon Library:

  • Added more icons to the library, offering users a wider range of choices for customization. πŸ”₯

App Loading Time Reduction:

  • Implemented optimizations to reduce app loading times, leading to faster navigation and overall improved performance. πŸ”„


Quality of Life Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Increased text coloring contrast throughout the app for better readability.
  • Updated the icon picker to display icon names, aiding in identification and selection.
  • Enhanced gated pages for an improved user interface.
  • Fixed an issue with icons not displaying correctly on entities.
  • Corrected the visibility issue of the data model builder documentation link during blueprint creation.
  • Resolved navigation problems between different entities.
  • Addressed click routing issues in the Software Catalog, ensuring smooth navigation.


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