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Property Group tabs in Entity Pages

February 22, 2024
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Property Group tabs in Entity Pages enhances entity page customization with Property Group tabs, allowing for more organized and topic-specific information display, alongside fixing UI issues with reference property creation.

New Features

Customizable Property Group Tabs: Building on our last update's custom tabs for rich text properties, we're taking entity customization a step further. Users can now create multiple tabs within entity pages, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the entity's data (metadata, properties, and relations).

This feature is designed to help users segment and organize information more efficiently, enabling the creation of tabs tailored to distinct topics like "Observability", "Incident Management", "CI/CD". Each tab can display relevant properties and relations, making it easier to access and manage information related to specific operational areas.

Bug Fixes:

  • Reference Properties Creation UI Fix: Addressed and resolved an issue in the model builder where the form for creating reference properties was preventing users from adding new reference properties through the UI. This fix ensures a smoother experience in enhancing and detailing entities with necessary references.

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