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Improved Entity Creation Forms and empty Catalog States

January 16, 2024
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Improved Entity Creation Forms and empty Catalog States
Auto-Fill IDs, Enhanced Model Builder, and More Intuitive User Interface

Main Features

  • Auto-Fill ID Mechanism for Entity/Blueprint Creation: Introducing a user-friendly auto-fill feature for IDs in entity and blueprint creation forms, with a smart mechanism that suggests valid IDs based on the title, accompanied by embedded field documentation.
  • Documentation links Across the Product: Each page within the product now features convenient links to relevant documentation, located near the page's title for easy access and reference.
  • Actionable Empty States with CTAs: Reworking empty states in the Software and - - Blueprints catalogs to include clear Call-To-Actions, guiding users towards creating new entities, blueprints, or using the public API for these tasks.


  • Blueprint Icons in Model Builder: Blueprint icons are now visible next to their names in the Model Builder, both in expanded and collapsed states, enhancing visual recognition and clarity.
  • Enhanced Model Builder Interface: Removal of the seldom-used Builder control panel, focusing efforts on optimizing the default graph state, spacing, and addressing blueprint overlap issues to improve overall UI/UX.
  • Expanded Icon Selection: The icon library for blueprints and entities has been significantly expanded to around 30 choices, with plans to continue increasing this selection in future updates.
  • Data Model Builder as Initial Page: Adjusting the first page users encounter to the Data Model Builder instead of the Blueprint list, streamlining the user workflow.
  • API Key Section Improvements: The API key section has been refined for clearer understanding, emphasizing users' full access to Rely's public API and simplifying the process of personal access key downloads.
  • Automatic Deletion of Plugin Blueprints: Implementing a system to automatically delete blueprints associated with a deleted plugin, provided no other plugins of the same type are enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Model Builder First Frame Bug Fix: Addressing and resolving the initial rendering issue in the Model Builder where blueprints were incorrectly organized.
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