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Several Improvements

Several Improvements
Improvements and Tweaks across the board


  • Filtering via Health Quadrant: Clicking on a datapoint in the health quadrant now filters the leaderboard.
  • Live Auto Discovery Process extended to New Relic: An early version has been deployed, currently with some known limitations and available through a feature flag for specific users.
  • Avg Alignment for Datadog metrics: Enabled average alignment for Datadog metrics.
  • New performance card on both UJ & service side-panels: Both side-panels now provide an at-a-glance overview of the percentage of underlying SLOs that are compliant
  • SLO Insights Burn Rate Chart: Users can now view the burn rate chart in SLO Insights.
  • New User Action Interaction in Business Map: Clicking on a User Action will directly open its parent User Journey sine-panel.
  • Sidebar Update: Removed the "Beta" badge from the sidebar.

Bug Fixes

  • Entity Panel Access: Resolved an issue where clicking a User Journey's name wasn't accessing the entity panel.
  • Optimized Requests: Drastically reduced the number of requests on several pages, notably improving performance on the Business Map.