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Introduction of Scorecards and Azure Plugin

Introduction of Scorecards and Azure Plugin
Launching the Scorecards and the Azure plugin, this update enhances the catalog and dashboard functionalities, coupled with quality-of-life improvements.

New Features

  • Scorecards Project:
    • Introduces a new framework within the Catalog for monitoring and visualizing key performance indicators, enabling you to set the standards you want your company to uphold.
  • Azure Plugin Integration:
    • Expand your cloud resource management with the integration of Microsoft Azure, allowing for direct management and monitoring of Azure assets from within


  • Enhanced the plugin installation process, enabling selective asset selection to enable a cleaner and more manageable data model about only the things you care about.
  • Public API Accessibility:
    • Revamped the presentation of the public API as an intrinsic, non-removable plugin within, complete with example usage scripts, making API interactions more intuitive.
    • Checkout our official API docs here.

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

  • Implemented hide & show all button on property-group widgets easing its configuration process.
  • Enabled sorting across all table fields, facilitating catalog managment.

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