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Edit SLOs and SLO wizard Improvements

Edit SLOs and SLO wizard Improvements
We're providing several tweaks to the SLO creation experience as well as the ability to edit your SLOs

New Features

  • Wizard Cumulative Filtering: In response to user feedback, we've added cumulative filtering to our wizard. This feature will streamline your experience and increase productivity.
  • SLO Management Updates: Now you can edit and delete your Service Level Objectives (SLOs) with the same intuitive methods you've been using to create them.
  • Reserved Label Protection: We have reserved the labels 'User Journey', 'Service', and 'Service Operation'. These labels are now exclusively for internal use, improving system clarity and consistency.


  • Data Source Layout Form: We've improved the data source layout form to ensure a smoother and more intuitive user experience.
  • User Journey (UJ) Details Prompt: With the new update, a details drawer prompt will appear upon UJ creation. This provides an immediate, user-friendly overview of your newly created User Journey.
  • Wizard Labels and Icons: We've added data source icons to the wizard for visual enhancements, making the navigation process more straightforward.

Bug Fixes

  • Wizard Crash Due to Lack of Labels: We've resolved an issue where the wizard would crash if no labels were present. This fix improves system stability.
  • Insights Empty State Links: We fixed the broken links in the 'empty state' of Insights and added a new one for better user experience.
  • Auto Discovery Issue on New Relic: There was an issue that prevented Auto Discovery from working for non-eu New Relic integrations. This has been addressed and fixed.

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