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Announcing Our $2M Round to Transform How Cloud-Native Companies Monitor Reliability Data, and Our Rebranding to

José Velez
José Velez
Founder & CEO
José Velez
September 27, 2022
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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) platform raises $2M seed round


At our focus has always been on helping cloud-native companies build and run more reliable products so that they can efficiently meet user expectations.

Today we are excited to announce our $2M seed round led by J12 Ventures and a rebranding from to, with a fully revamped visual and brand identity, alongside several product milestones with the goal of pioneering the Reliability Intelligence category for software companies.

Funding News

Our $2 million Seed round was led by J12 Ventures, with participation from Techstars NY, Shilling Capital Partners, and marquee angels from Google, Datadog, Gremlin, Scaleway and other companies within our space. will use this new investment to continue building a team of exceptionally talented people and to continue building a category-defining product. We will also take it to market and scale it globally, with a special focus on cloud-native companies as our Design Partners.

Cloud-Native Companies Need Reliability Intelligence

Nowadays user expectations are higher than ever.

When someone wants to order a product online, and it either fails or the experience is disrupted, customers quickly switch to a competitor. Not only does this make companies lose money, but it also damages their brand's reputation. 

This means reliability and application performance has become the number 1 priority for most businesses.

However, IT is more complex than ever.

The public cloud, containerized environments, constant software releases, microservices and distributed architectures, along with a number of other innovations have allowed organizations to scale fast and on-demand.

Nevertheless, these have also made it extremely complex to make systems observable, to understand the experience of the user, to do data-driven reliability planning and to track service quality all the way from infrastructure to end-user experience in a centralized and standardized manner.

Speaking with more than 100 cloud-native companies and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) & DevOps experts, a set of common challenges emerged: 

  1. Today, reliability performance data is commonly spread across several independent & isolated monitoring tools, and it is not standardized. This makes it difficult to shift-left and provide reliability ownership and accountability to developers, to provide a set of practices to make sure the data of the organization is centralized and standardized or to provide company-wide visibility into the reliability of all products.
  2. Platform and site reliability engineering teams depend on tribal processes to retrieve actionable information for decision-making with internal stakeholders. Platform and site reliability engineering teams are under pressure, experiencing burnout and alert fatigue, lacking the right tools to communicate efficiently with and to the business.
  3. The shift to cloud-native environments has allowed companies to scale fast while generating enormous amounts of monitoring data. Most organizations however, are not able to turn that data into intelligence (actionable information, preventive alerts, and automations) that directly improves customer experience.

That is why we set out to create a Reliability Intelligence platform that helps modern cloud-native companies leverage their monitoring and observability data into better and faster outcomes for their users.

The Platform provides a reliability intelligence platform that productizes Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Our product is designed to help cloud-native companies monitor and optimize software reliability without sacrificing feature velocity, making sure companies deliver optimal, incident free experiences that meet user expectations.

Wireframes of web app

The platform does the heavy lifting on the customer’s behalf and transforms monitoring data into actionable information and automation in an intuitive way, allowing users to create Service-Level Objectives (SLOs) in minutes.

These SLOs serve as the foundation of the reliability stack, since they standardize the data from all the different stacks (from infrastructure and application performance monitoring to Real User and Digital Experience Monitoring) into actionable indicators that accurately represent how the end-users are experiencing the products, services and infrastructure. And we do it in a centralized way, to make sure that companies can make data-driven decisions and automation around reliability across the entire company.

Looking at this world wide problem, our team was inspired by tools that Netflix, Google, Meta, and Salesforce built internally to improve the reliability and observability of their complex distributed systems. It set out to build an elegant & agnostic SaaS platform that performs the data-engineering heavy-lifting behind the scenes, allowing any engineer to easily plug it into their existing monitoring & observability stack.

The Future of the Reliability Intelligence Market

Today, empowers organizations to quickly and easily adopt Site Reliability Engineering practices to improve their incident resolution metrics and ultimately, the reliability of their systems.

This is just the beginning.

Our vision for the future is to bridge the gap between engineering and other non-technical areas (product, customer success, growth) by leveraging the power of reliability data and turning it into something that aligns all the different areas of the business to make sure they are keeping their customers happy.

This includes making easier:

  • The alignment of business goals with the reliability work between engineering, product and executives
  • The lives easier of the individual contributors who own reliability (dashboards, automation, documentation, maintenance and firefighting)
  • The understanding for non-technical roles of the health of their products to communicate with customers (e.g. sales, customer success, etc)

On top of that, we are going to leverage the high-quality historical reliability data, to train an AI that will automatically and precisely identify and, in most cases, even mitigate the issues that impact customers, so that companies can focus on what really matters to create value for the world.

Join us

We’ve assembled a small team of talented, passionate, customer-obsessed and humble people who are extremely fun to work with.

We’re looking to grow this team with more like minded people across engineering, product, growth and more!
If you share our passion for building a category-defining company that will help most cloud-native companies build and run more reliable products, check out our careers page!

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José Velez
José Velez
Founder & CEO
José Velez
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