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Product Roundup - March 2024

Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
April 4, 2024
 min read Update Roundup - March 2024

Product Updates

  • March has been a particularly busy month at Rely with the introduction of no less than five major features.
  • With these latest releases, Engineering teams get more out-of-box value (default Dashboards, Automation Rule) while also unlocking more customization to make sure your Rely portal best reflects your specific needs.

Build use case-specific views thanks to Dashboards

  • Thanks to Rely’s no-config plugins and customizable Data Model, your Software Catalog can already collect and centralize everything your teams care about (documentation, ownership, dependencies, etc.)
  • Because the work of troubleshooting Deployment issues is different than onboarding new engineers or solving production incidents, each use case deserves it’s dedicated view.
  • With the introduction of Dashboards, you can now tailor how your Software Catalog presents its content.
  • This first release comes with out-of-the-box views we already created for your Services and Teams.
  • From now on all stakeholders in your company can find the most important information about each Service and Team thanks to dedicated views like Home, CI/CD, Observability and more.
  • The default views do not fit your content? You can fully customize them or build your own from scratch with drag & drop widgets.
  • Dashboards are available now for all users.

Implement and track the adoption of standards with Scorecards

In your catalog is sitting a trove of data that can inform you on many operational aspects of your Services and the Teams running them.

  • How performant are they?
  • How often are they shipping?
  • What’s the failure rate?
  • Are they meeting their SLOs?
  • Have they started at least instrumenting any performance metrics?
  • With Scorecards, you can now start tracking key metrics (e.g. DORA, SPACE, etc.) and set targets on them so as to drive incremental adoption.
  • In this first release, you can create your Scorecards with three different Ranks: Bronze, Silver & Gold with gradually increasing requirements in each.
  • Scorecards are available for beta testers. Want to try it early? Request access now!

Take control over your ingested data with Automation Rules

  • As your engineering organization grows, so does your dev tool set.
  • As a result, you can find unique entities (e.g. a Service) being referenced in many different tools (e.g. this Service can be also found in Github, Datadog, Pager Duty, etc.).
  • Each one of these tools says something new or overlapping with the others.
  • Which one then should serve as the source of truth, over which aspect of the Service?
  • With Automation Rules you get control over which plugin will update which property in your Data Model (in Services, Resources, Deployment, Running Services or any custom Blueprint you created).
  • This release also includes out-of-the-box rules for our Plugins that you can freely enable/disable or entirely edit.
  • Automation Rules are available now for all users.

Empowering Developers with Self-Service Actions

  • Your developers often interrupt their flow to request specific actions from the Platform or Infra teams in order to unblock their work.
  • They may need to provision a new test environment, adjust the configuration of the Kubernetes cluster to fit the incoming release or even scaffold entirely new projects.
  • With Self-Service Actions, your Platform Team can offer a catalog of pre-vetted and pre-configured actions that will give developers autonomy and standardization for their daily operations.
  • In this release, you can execute calls to your Webhooks or APIs and simplify tasks such as:
    • Start or stop pipelines in your Git provider
    • Manage resources configuration in your Orchestration tool
    • Create or update tickets in your Incident Management tool
    • Enable autonomous back-office operations for your Product or Sales engineering teams
  • Self-service Actions are available for beta testers. Want to try it early? Request access now!

Unblock engineers and maintain trust with Audit Logs

  • Your Software Catalog, Scorecards, Automation Rules, and Self-Service Actions are essential elements to your portal.
  • They are especially valuable when put in the hands of your developers so they can tailor the platform to their needs and confidently adopt it.
  • Whether it comes down to debugging your data flows or investigating changes in your catalog, it is key to have visibility on who or what performed updates to the catalog.
  • With Audit Logs developers can keep iterating in full transparency and quickly get answers to questions like:
    • When did this plugin last run a fetch?
    • Which automation rule updated my Service definition?
    • Who created this new custom blueprint?
  • In this release, Audit Logs have been implemented for all operations (both via UI and API) and can be consulted both in a new dedicated menu and under an entity’s page.
  • Audit Logs are available now for all users.

The latest plugins to effortlessly fill your catalog

Your catalog is only as valuable as the data it contains. While our API allows you to send any data you want, the plugins allow you to automate this task with little to no configuration. This month we released support for the following tools:

On the horizon

Features like:

  • Scorecard Leaderboards to track each standard you care about its adoption and progress across all Services.
  • Suggestions for Automation Rules so you can review the output of your rules before they are committed to your catalog.
  • Out-of-the-box Pipeline and Workflow actions with the Gitlab & Github plugins and Scaffolding Actions for your developers to build with autonomy and confidence.
  • New Widgets for the Dashboards (Pipeline, Timeline, Pie Chart, etc.) to unlock new views for your use cases.

Plugins for:

Not a user yet?

If you’re looking for an Internal Developer Portal or are simply interested in trying everything we described here, you can get started for free with Rely.

  • Want to see Rely in action? Play around in our demo environment
  • Want to get started? Create a free account here and get value in minutes.

Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
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