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António Araújo
António Araújo
Go To Market Lead
September 11, 2022
 min read Launches Google Cloud Platform Support

Engineering teams often rely on several monitoring and observability tools to assess service health. One of those is your cloud provider’s native monitoring solution. 

Today we are launching Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support for customers participating in's beta program who wish to plug it in as a data source. Later in the year this integration will become GA along with the platform. As a platform that wishes to improve the life of Site Reliability Engineers (SRE), we’re happy to integrate with GCP where SRE was invented. Google has recommended Service Level Objective (SLO) monitoring for many years and now brings you an easy way to get started. Not only you can do it with GCP monitoring data as you can also bring other data sources like CloudWatch, New Relic and others that we will be announcing soon, such as Prometheus, Datadog or Pingdom.

You’ve probably seen a few articles and stories about the benefits of a mature SLO strategy, including in our own blog posts. However, starting your SLO journey from scratch can be intimidating because none of the observability tools you have available today make it easy or intuitive to do so. No matter how you decide to get started, your first SLOs and their related processes won’t be perfect. Even after getting started, your own SLOs may take time to convince you that they’re a better way to implement reliability processes and collect insights. That’s because they’ll require fine tuning, runbook changes and almost constant iteration.

One of our goals when designing the platform is to decrease the “time to SLO benefits” as much as possible. That means we’re making an effort to deliver value to you , from the very first moment you create an SLO. That value may come in many forms, from being observability tool-agnostic to offering recommendations only seconds after you’ve integrated a data source. 

To avoid becoming just another dashboard or a forgotten KPI, our reliability intelligence platform will empower SLOs to become a mechanism for continuous improvement and decision making. It will become the interface through which engineers and business teams discuss and plan reliability activities, just like Google envisions on their SRE Book. 

Our documentation (currently only available to beta users), explains in detail how to integrate Google Cloud Platform with In summary, you’ll just need to provide a JSON file with your Service Account Key and assign it the proper permissions. Once you upload the credentials,'s platform provides value immediately. Your SLO Wizard will display a list of SLI Recommendations based on the metrics you are collecting in GCP.

If you’d like to see it in action, drop us a line at

António Araújo
António Araújo
Go To Market Lead
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