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António Araújo
António Araújo
Go To Market Lead
September 11, 2022
 min read Launches New Relic Support

The platform ingests metrics from your existing observability stack and delivers actionable insights for SRE teams and engineering leaders.

Today we are announcing New Relic support as a data source for customers participating in beta program. Later in the year this integration will become GA along with the platform. New Relic is a leader in cloud-based observability and its comprehensive platform is the place where development and SRE teams spend much of their time. It can be used as a Service Level Objective (SLO) data source in conjunction with other tools like CloudWatch, and others that we will be announcing soon, such as Prometheus, Datadog or Google Cloud Platform.

Metrics originated in monitoring platforms are sometimes difficult to make sense of and leverage for decision-making. Creating SLOs is a great way to augment them, establish reliability target levels, and determine what needs to be prioritized. The SLO introduces the concept of Error Budget which, if used correctly and at scale, can lead to improved incident management, more accurate alerting (less alert fatigue), and overall better customer experience.

Implementing SLOs for the first time can also be organizationally challenging and they might end up being just another KPI, instead of a mechanism for continuous improvement and decision-making. Because of that, the platform is intuitive and built for collaboration & iteration by design. The heavy lifting is done by the platform and the metrics are presented to the user ready to be turned into a Service Level Indicator (SLI), which becomes immediately visible in a preview chart. The SLIs can either be created using our out-of-the-box recommendations or manually. After choosing your time window type, size and the performance objective, users can then attach our recommended alert policies to the SLO or create their own, with multi-window, multi-burn-rate alerts available.

Your user-friendly SLO journey doesn’t stop there. All data is made available on the platform through examinable dashboards, user journey and service-based views, and reliability reports.  

Our documentation (currently only available to beta users), explains in detail how to integrate New Relic with In summary, you’ll just need to provide your Account ID and an API key. Once the credentials are added, platform provides value from the get go. It immediately displays a list of recommendations with the SLOs you should be monitoring based on the metrics you are collecting in New Relic.

If you’d like to see it in action, drop us a line at

António Araújo
António Araújo
Go To Market Lead
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