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Introducing Rely's reliability automation platform

Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
May 11, 2023
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Introducing Rely's reliability automation platform: The single pane of glass to track service quality and health

Challenges associated with adopting a reliability culture

In today's digital landscape, system failures are not an option. The impact of downtime and poor performance can be costly, leading to lost revenue, decreased customer loyalty, and reputational damage. At Rely, we believe that applying reliability principles can help prevent these issues by giving companies the tools they need to detect and fix problems before they impact their customers.

However, the road to successfully adopting reliability principles is long and sinuous. It often involves multiple trial and error cycles and it comes at a cost:

  • Lost opportunities when engineers spend time reactively fixing issues following customer complains instead of shipping new valuable features
  • Frustration and loss of confidence between Business Owners and Engineers when roadmaps are delayed seemingly out of control
  • Fatigue and turnover when Incident Responders are drowned in a sea of noisy signals that are not actionable or impacting enough for them to be paged in the middle of night
  • Communication over-head when teams from all fronts, like Product, Sales, Engineering, Leadership or Support, struggle to accurately describe the issues at hand (and make up for it by multiplying dashboards and reports)

The Automated Reliability Platform

The Rely platform is designed to make reliability easy, providing an opinionated tool for teams to monitor the performance of their products. They then make informed decisions when investing engineering efforts where they impact the business the most. 

It offers a variety of features to help teams stay on top of issues, including:

  • Holistic Integrations: Rely collects performance data from a wide range of sources within the technical stack, including Observability tools, Product Analytics, Dev tools (like code repos) and Cloud Providers.
  • Product Catalog: Rely helps teams build and automatically keep track of both the business flows, the User Journeys that provide value to the end-users and the technical resources that support them, the Services.

  • Automated SLOs: Rely’s out-of-the-box templates allow teams to select in a few clicks performance indicators, drawn directly from their available telemetry. They no longer need to know all metrics available in AWS and which best describe Availability, Latency and other issues.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Rely's alerting system is designed to reduce alert fatigue, only sending alerts when they are truly necessary. Alerts are automatically defined and computed based on reliability best practices (like Multi Window Multi Burn Rate). Engineers only need to decide whether and where they want to be notified.
  • Reliability Insights: Rely's dashboards and reports make it easy to understand system historical performance at a glance. Teams can create custom reports to track the metrics that matter most to them, and share them with stakeholders to provide visibility across the organisation.

We believe that the first version of the Rely platform represents a major step forward in reliability. By prioritising performance evaluation through its business impact, we are helping companies achieve their goals of delivering high-quality products and services to their customers.

Try out

We invite you to try the Rely platform for yourself and see how it can help your organisation. 

Book a demo and sign up for a free trial today here! Click here

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Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
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