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António Araújo
António Araújo
Go To Market Lead
September 11, 2022
 min read Launches Amazon CloudWatch Support

Integrating your monitoring data with is the first step towards optimizing service reliability.

Today announces the availability of Amazon CloudWatch support for customers participating in our beta program. It will become GA along with the platform later in the year. CloudWatch can be used as a data source in conjunction with other tools that we will be announcing soon, such as New Relic, Datadog or Google Cloud Platform.

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are informative KPIs that are easy to understand and communicate across the organization. For that reason, they must be agreed on between the business, engineering, and product, subsequently becoming a powerful & data-driven instrument for decision-making and continuous monitoring of reliability goals.  

The platform does the heavy lifting on the customer’s behalf and presents monitoring data intuitively, allowing users to create SLOs in minutes. Service Level Indicators (SLIs) can either be built using our out-of-the-box recommendations or manually. Error budgets are then measured and displayed based on the SLO you have defined.

All data on is then made available for monitoring, alerting, improving incident response times and reducing false or redundant alerts. Users also receive those insights as comprehensive dashboards, which are great to justify and reprioritize reliability engineering work.

Our documentation (currently only available to beta users), explains in detail how to integrate Amazon CloudWatch with In summary, you just need to create an AWS access key under an IAM user with CloudWatch read access and EC2 describe region action. After adding the key pair to the the Rely.ioplatform, you’ll just need to wait a few minutes before you’re able to start creating SLOs with CloudWatch metrics!

If you’d like to see it in action, drop us a line at

António Araújo
António Araújo
Go To Market Lead
, Rely