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Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
June 6, 2024
 min read Update Roundup - May 2024

May was an exciting month at with the release of a widely requested feature: the Developer’s Homepage (read more below!). This feature was our priority for the entire month where where we focused our efforts on improving the experience for users customizing their experience to best fit their needs.

With the May releases, developers can better plan and prioritize their daily work and contribute to meaningfully improve their team’s velocity.

Reduce context switching and improve developer efficiency with Homepage

Whether you are an individual contributor or an engineering leader, your Homepage in helps you keep track of the information that matters to you.

For instance a developer’s typical day starts with catching up on the latest changes within their scope in order to prioritize and plan the tasks of the day.

This usually requires checking up on multiple pieces of information in multiple tools:

  • Github or Gitlab for the code reviews that are assigned to you and your open requests that are waiting to be reviewed
  • Slack for notification of started deployments or Incident Alerts
  • Jira for your ongoing or in review issues
  • Observability tools to check up on your “regular” dashboards (we all did “visual monitoring”)

With Rely’s Homepage, you will find all this information, and more, in one centralized and organized place with default views:

My Services

Keep an eye on your assets and access in one click the information and resources you care about (documentation, infrastructure diagrams, runbooks, etc.)

My Issues

All your assigned tasks in your project management tool in one place so you can prioritize what should be tackled next.

My Git Requests

Keep up with the lifecycle of your open requests and track their review progress (or lack thereof!).

My Assigned Reviews

Never miss a review your teammates are waiting for from you.

My Events (Incidents, Alerts, Deployments, etc.).

Catch up on all relevant and recent events to make an informed decision about what requires your attention.

The information you care about is not surfaced? Add, edit or delete tabs to your liking and customize their content thanks to advanced filters, sorts and group-bys.

Rely Homepage is generally available for all users.

Want to learn more? Read this dedicated blog post.

Get end to end visibility into your Software Delivery Lifecycle with the Jira plugin

Thanks to its plugin catalog, your platform already offers powerful insights into your development process: code management, deployments, service performance, and alert management. But what about the crucial link between them – your project management within Jira?

The new Rely Jira Plugin bridges that gap, providing end-to-end visibility across your entire Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC). Here's how it empowers you:

Unified View on Your Homepage

  • Track your assigned Jira issues directly on your Home page.
  • Monitor progress and identify potential roadblocks without switching contexts.
  • Prioritize your work based on deadlines and project dependencies.

Effortless Collaboration

  • Gain real-time insights into your team's work within
  • See how issues connect to specific code commits, deployments, and service performance metrics.
  • Foster better collaboration by aligning development efforts with project management goals.

Closing the Visibility Gap, with the Jira Plugin, paints a complete picture of your SDLC.  From code commits to production deployments and issue resolution, you can now track progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your entire development process for maximum efficiency.

Ready to unlock the power of end-to-end visibility?

The Rely Jira Plugin is generally available to all users. Install today and experience the seamless flow between development and project management.

Take control of your views with Customizable Tables in

Tables are the workhorses of data visualization. At, we understand the importance of efficient data exploration and manipulation within your workflows. That's why we've taken our table-based components – entity lists, table widgets, and more – to the next level with a suite of powerful customization controls.

Centralized Control Panel

Gone are the days of scattered filtering and sorting options. Our new centralized control panel, conveniently located above the table, allows you to:

  • Effortlessly add and edit filters: Narrow down your data precisely with intuitive filter controls.
  • Intuitive sorting: Order your data by any column, ensuring the most relevant information is at your fingertips.
  • Powerful group by: Organize your data by key attributes for deeper insights and efficient analysis.

Unleash Your Inner Data Architect

Take complete control over your table layout with these flexible features:

  • Show/hide columns: Focus on the information that matters most by easily hiding irrelevant columns.
  • Custom column order: Arrange columns in a way that best suits your workflow for optimal efficiency.
  • Pin important columns: Keep critical data constantly visible by pinning columns, even when scrolling horizontally.

Personalization for Every Need

We understand that data exploration preferences are unique.  With Rely's table customization, you can:

  • Save your view, for yourself: Tailor your table layout and controls to your specific needs and save them for future use.
  • Share a great view with everyone else: You find your view particularly insightful? Share your customized table view with the other members of your organization, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is working with the same data perspective.

Empowering Informed Decisions

The enhanced table functionalities in empower you to:

  • Surface the data that matters: Quickly find the information you need through intuitive filtering, sorting, and grouping.
  • Gain deeper insights: Analyze data from various angles by customizing your table layout.
  • Boost productivity: Work smarter with a personalized data exploration experience.
  • Foster collaboration: Share custom views with your colleagues for a unified understanding.

Experience the Power of Data, Your Way

Explore the newly enhanced table functionalities in today. Take control of your data visualization, gain deeper insights, and make informed decisions with greater efficiency.

Customizable tables are generally available for all users.

On the Horizon

Features like:

  • Out-of-the-box Pipeline and Workflow actions with the Gitlab & Github plugins and Scaffolding Actions for your developers to build with autonomy and confidence.
  • Scorecard General Leaderboard and Service Tabs to track for each standard you care about its adoption and progress across all Services and in detail under a specific Service.
  • Entity Data Sources to manage which plugin are allowed or not to update each property of the entities you care about.
  • New Widgets for the Dashboards (Pipeline, Timeline, Pie Chart, etc.) to unlock new views for your use cases.

Plugins for:

Not a user yet?

If you’re looking for an Internal Developer Portal or are simply interested in trying everything we described here, you can get started for free with Rely.

Want to see Rely in action? Play around in our demo environment, or get your own account here.

Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
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