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Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
John Demian
Head of Product Marketing
May 6, 2024
 min read Update Roundup - April 2024

Product Updates

After the major releases of last month, April has been focused on follow-up on key features (like Leaderboards for Scorecards and Entity Discovery from your plugins, read more below) and overall improvements to sand off some rough edges and improve webapp performance across the board.

With these latest releases, Engineering teams get a snappier and more reliable product, and Engineering Leaders can review key metrics across their teams and services and conduct meaningful change.

Set and track goals across Services thanks to the Scorecards’ Leaderboard

With Rely’s Scorecards, Engineering Leaders can set goals for their teams to comply with in order to support engineering initiatives and company strategy.

One good illustration of this is the adoption of DORA metrics to improve engineering efficiency or eNPS to create a positive feedback loop and better cater to employee satisfaction.

Traditionally tracking these metrics requires Leaders to sift through their catalog to perform a transversal review, constantly switching context from one Service to another as they compare trends.

With Scorecards’ Leaderboard, they can review in one view the compliance levels of their teams:

  • What are the DORA metrics reported, if any, by each team?
  • For each Team, what’s the rank achieved on Deployment Frequency across their Services? On MTTR?
  • How far are they from meeting the requirements for the next Rank?
  • Which teams are reporting the lowest eNPS scores so leadership can implement proper remedies?

These leaderboards are automatically created for each Scorecard and are accessible under a dedicated tab.

Leaderboards are available for all Scorecard Beta testers. Want to try Scorecards early? Request access now!

Keep your Software Catalog under control with Entity Discovery

As your engineering organization grows, so does your dev tool set. As a result, you can find unique entities (e.g. a Service) being referenced in many different tools (e.g. this Service can be also found in Github, Datadog, Pager Duty, etc.).

In these scenarios, Automation Rules (released last month) automatically convert all entities from your tools (e.g. Services in Pager Duty) into Services that comply with your definitions, giving you a quick start on filling in your Software Catalog.

With Entity Discovery, you can now decide on a case-by-case basis which entities should make it to your catalog or be ignored for now.

The Entity Discovery, which is now available for all users, also comes with an update to Automation Rule so you can decide for each one if it should automatically add changes to your catalog or suggest them as an Entity Discovery.

  • You typically will want to ingest key entities, like Services, on a case by case (not every GitHub repository should be automatically mapped to a Service…),
  • While you would expect your Infrastructure Resources to be automatically added to your catalog from your Cloud Provider.

You can now keep your Catalog under control and only send to it desired entities (automated or manually validated).

Explore your Catalog with increased speed and clarity

With Rely’s plugins, Automation Rules and now Entity Discovery, getting your data to flow in and fill your Software Catalog is easier, faster, and more controlled.

When it comes to exploring your entities in the catalog, our goal is to reduce your steps, clicks and loading times.

Here is a short selection of some key improvements :

  • Increased clarity over your Data Model:
  • Revamped its position and content in the main menu
  • Removed by default visibility over Plugins Blueprints (which are automated, e.g. Datadog-Service) so you can focus on your own Data Model (e.g. Service, Resource, Team, Deployment, etc.).
  • Added a Toggle so you can show / hide these Plugin Blueprints at will.

  • Reduced loading time of our Table component across the app by 25%
  • Added support for list of URLs as a property type
    • Especially handy for instance to group links to your Observability Dashboards or Internal Documents instead of spreading them across different properties
  • Reworked how complex and overflowing properties are handled
    • Properties like long Strings, JSON, Yaml, etc. are now properly clipped to keep your view ordered.
    • They also display a multilayered preview of their content (at rest, on-hover, on-click).

Visit the full Changelog for more details. These changes are now available for all users.

The latest plugins to effortlessly fill your catalog

Your catalog is only as valuable as the data it contains. While our API allows you to send any data you want, the plugins allow you to automate this task with little to no configuration. This month we released support for the following tools:

  • Pager Duty
    • Import Services, Teams, Incidents and more from Pager Duty into your Software Catalog.
    • Identify at-a-glance for each Team or Service who is currently on-call directly from within your catalog.
    • Measure out-of-the-box health KPIs for your Services and Teams like DORA-MTTR
  • GitHub (added Teams & Team Members)
  • GitLab (added Groups & Group Members)

On the horizon

Features like:

  • The homepage streamlines workflows by aggregating essential data from key tools. This central hub offers insights into PR and ticket statuses, on-call schedules, priority tasks, and more, minimizing context switching for enhanced productivity.
  • Scorecard General Leaderboard and Service Tabs to track for each standard you care about its adoption and progress across all Services and in detail under a specific Service.
  • Entity Data Sources to manage which plugin are allowed or not to update each property of the entities you care about.
  • New Widgets for the Dashboards (Pipeline, Timeline, Pie Chart, etc.) to unlock new views for your use cases.
  • Out-of-the-box Pipeline and Workflow actions with the Gitlab & Github plugins and Scaffolding Actions for your developers to build with autonomy and confidence.

Plugins for:

Not a user yet?

If you’re looking for an Internal Developer Portal or are simply interested in trying everything we described here, you can get started for free with Rely.

Want to see Rely in action? Play around in our demo environment.

Samir Brizini
Samir Brizini
Chief Product Officer
Samir Brizini
John Demian
Head of Product Marketing
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Samir Brizini
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