Senior Product Marketing Manager

You will be the first marketing hire at the company, so you will be working closely with the CEO, CPO and Director of Sales in the leadership team, playing a key role in shaping our product and go-to-market (GTM) strategy, striving to position us as leaders in the internal developer portal space.

This will be a hands-on role, where you will have full autonomy and ownership to identify strategic initiatives. The role will involve forming hypotheses and running GTM experiments to validate and iterate on them until we hit product-market fit.


🚀 Our mission is to simplify the reliability journey for cloud native companies.

Rely’s goal is to empower cloud native companies to foster a positive culture of reliability and ownership, make informed decisions to enhance reliability, quality and performance, and ultimately achieve business-driven reliability.

We’re going to achieve this by enabling cloud native companies gain end-to-end visibility into the reliability and quality of their product and by charting the different steps and practices they need to adopt.

📍 Location

We’re remote-first and welcome candidates from anywhere in Europe! We have yearly off-sites where we fly the whole team out to a new location so we can meet in person, get to know each other better, kick off important projects, and have fun!

🤝 The team

Our team is a group of passionate individuals who share a common goal: to build a product that engineers love. We're committed to creating a workplace culture that's diverse, inclusive, and fosters collaboration and innovation.

Our investors include top-tier firms like J12 Ventures, Shilling Capital Partners, TechstarsNYC, and TheVentureCity, as well as notable angels from Google and Gremlin. We recently raised a Seed round, which you can read about in our announcement. We're dedicated to using their support to drive our mission forward and make a meaningful impact in the world of engineering.

We're driven by our vision to lead the industry with observability and reliability engineering best practices.

Your responsibilities

📌 This is a ground floor opportunity to join the founding team of You will experience what being at a scrappy startup is like.We’re looking for a Senior-level Engineer who will take ownership of product features, implement changes, and mentor others. You will join our small tight knit team of Software Engineers and have a major impact on our product direction and company culture. Some of your core responsibilities will include:

As a founding team member, you'll have a significant impact on our product direction and company culture.

Being the first marketing hire, you need to not only make the plan but deliver the plan completely on your own. From writing content to creating emails and ads, it’s all on you. Having a strategic mindset for customer needs, market context, and messaging can definitely help here. That said, don’t expect to only do traditional PMM tasks as the first marketer. You’ll have to dabble in demand gen and brand as well.

Our goal is to be involved in every developer portal tooling evaluation whether they are looking or we spark their curiosity. You’ll play a critical role here.

Primary Goals — Product Positioning & Marketing

  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Understand the market, i.e., customers’ product needs throughout their reliability journey.
  • Stay up-to-date on the competitive landscape and industry trends to identify potential opportunities and threats and to adjust the company's go-to-market strategy accordingly.
  • Product Positioning & messaging
  • Improve messaging and build the product knowledge base
  • Own development and continuous updating of customer personas and ideal customer profiles
  • Build and maintain the website (e.g. homepage, product, use cases, and customer success stories pages, etc)
  • Product launches and feature announcements
  • Sales enablement (pitch decks, 2-pagers, battle cards)
  • Develop and make available sales enablement material that matches with product maturity and sales needs, e.g., deployment checklists, product tutorials, competitive battle cards, externally-facing product roadmap, etc.
  • Develop and update the Master Sales Deck which sales staff can then use to create a customized deck for every client by selecting slides that are relevant to that particular customer.
  • Work closely with the product and engineering teams to ensure that our product roadmap aligns with the company's go-to-market strategy and accurately reflects the customer needs according to their feedback

Secondary Goals — Growth Marketing and Demand Generation

  • Demand Generation to drive inbound leads
  • Email marketing
  • Supports sales outbound efforts
  • Partner and customer marketing

🎓 Required qualifications

This role would be ideal for you if you…

  • Have enough technical knowledge to understand and communicate about all things DevTools!
  • Have prior experience in marketing or demand generation, particularly within the SaaS Industry with a product that addresses engineering personas.
  • Have opinions on platform engineering, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and related topics.
  • Have a strong understanding of marketing principles and best practices, with a passion for product marketing and demand generation.
  • Are an excellent written and verbal communicator, with the ability to create compelling content and copy tailored to developers.
  • Are able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, meeting deadlines in a fast-paced and occasionally ambiguous environment.

⚡ Nice to haves

  • Have already been actively contributing with relevant industry content or participating in platform engineering or SRE communities.
  • Have previously been the first marketing hire of a SaaS startup.

💻 Our tech stack


🏖️ Perks & benefits

  • Ground floor opportunity to be an early member of a fast-growing venture-backed startup
  • Paid travel to attend conferences & meet customers
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Parental leave and flexible time-off
  • Remote first culture
  • Home office setup to build your dream home office
  • MacBook of choice
  • Yearly team retreats

💼 How To Apply

  • Send your resume to
  • Use the subject name: “Senior Product Marketing Manager at  - Your name

👇 Noteworthy

Our job titles may encompass various career levels, and the actual base pay for this position will be determined based on multiple factors including training, transferable skills, work experience, business requirements, and market conditions. Additionally, this role is eligible for equity and comprehensive benefits.

  • Have already been actively contributing with relevant industry content or participating in platform engineering or SRE communities.
  • Have previously been the first marketing hire of a SaaS startup.