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Why I joined — Stanislav Rassolenko |

Stanislav Rassolenko
Technical Lead
February 7, 2023
 min read
Why I joined — Stanislav Rassolenko |

Throughout my experience in the software engineering industry, I have witnessed several transformations and evolutions. From monolithic systems manually deployed on local servers and maintained by dedicated teams of system administrators, to event-driven microservice architectures with automatic deployment and continuous integration. It seems that in the very near future, all technical aspects non-related to product development will be fully automated by AI robots requiring almost zero human efforts. I see it as a very good thing that allows companies around the world to bring value and innovate faster focusing on products rather than technical problems.

However, one of the most important parts of software engineering is still far away from being fully automated – Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). I stopped counting how many times I wished there was some kind of “magic” solution to a problem. How much time we can spend on improving our products instead of solving the same reliability challenge again and again?

With these thoughts in mind, I came across while looking for innovation champions in the SRE domain. After meeting José Velez and the team, it became clear that the company has a strong vision and expertise in the SRE domain. Being backed by domain-experts investors from companies such as Google and Datadog additionally proves the direction. is a rapidly growing startup and at this stage some of the main challenges identified are:

  • Team expertise growth
  • Improvements to platform architecture to support higher-scale data
  • Wider adoption of statistical and AI models to improve user experience

Luckily, all the mentioned is something I love to do and I instantly decided to join the team.

I am excited to be part of Rely! Good culture, remote-first approach, supportive team and cutting-edge technologies make a safe and inspiring place to innovate in the SRE area and finally find that “magic” solution.

Stanislav Rassolenko
Technical Lead
, Rely